We've Moved In

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Posted by RustonHouse RustonHouse
Yesterday was moving day! It hadn't been the original plan but I booked the removals early.

Diana was working on the Isle of Man this week and not due back till this evening. With the furniture now here I had chosen to sleep at Ruston House in order to be ready to greet BT who were supposed to be installing a phone line and ensuring that my broadband connection was active today. That didn't happen, but that's not a story for this blog.

Camping out on an air bed with no curtains at the window meant I was up relatively early for me and just after 09:00 I managed to take this view from what will be our bedroom window.

View From Bedroom
On the grass on the foreground you see cut reeds that I fished out of the lake a couple of days ago. The wind tends to deposit any loose material in the deep bay behind the house. Mother Goose is on the bank further away, while Daddy Goose, along with youngster, is further across the lake behind the neighbouring cottages.

I think I am going to enjoy living here!
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