The Staining Of The Manna Completed

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Posted by RustonHouse RustonHouse
Finally, the initial coat of stain on the log cabin is complete. The door and window frames are now black. That might seem a strange choice but the tilt and turn mechanism on the opening windows that flank the side door have a black strip in the frames below the glass and having the rest of the frame black is a good way of hiding that.

However, given what was happening with the water levels, my comments show more interest in that than the look of The Manna.

The Manna
As you make the final approach the ground is becoming very soft. While partly that is related to the exceptionally high water level, it is clear that if The Manna is to be used over the winter months that this stretch of  the path will need to be raised a little. We also plan to add a step up to the veranda but are still to decide whether it should be opposite the side door or be a step up onto the veranda.

The Manna
Once at The Manna  I took views of and from the veranda.

The Manna

The Manna
While the duckweed spoils the view at the moment, it's clear this is going to be a magical place from which to contemplate the world!

Paul Smith, who did all the staining for us, plans to be back in March or April to give The Manna a second coat of stain, by which time we hope to have it furnished and equipped with heating and lighting.