The Ice Stays All Day

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Posted by RustonHouse RustonHouse
It turned out that it was almost as if they had disappeared down a plug hole. The last we saw of "our" pair of swans, that had been around Ruston Reaches since the waters rose, was in the far corner of the neighbour's flooded grounds where the main dyke heads south towards the old railway line. Certainly, by the time the waters had retreated into the dykes again they were gone.

After a warmer couple of days today it turned chilly again. Just before going home after working on Ruston House, I took this picture of the lake...

An Icy Lake

We still had a few "extra" Canada geese and it was the first time I saw the duck house being investigated - I think this was "our" resident female, with her mate patrolling the island bank close at hand.

Duck House
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