Part Six

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You can use the Earlier Post link, above, to see the the first part of the journey around the island. Alternatively, you might prefer to start at the The Beginning of the tour.

Returning from the Tip of the Island
Turning around at the tip of the island we make a slight climb back towards the circular path round the island. Ahead, is an oak tree in shadow...

Approaching the Junction
In reaching the oak we pass a good number of brambles that had to be cut through in order to create this path. Ahead we see the old fence post, which we passed in the previous section of the tour, that marks the highest point on the island.

At The Junction
On reaching the post we can see how the circular path falls away to the right. We will join it to continue our tour.

Continuing on the Circular Path
As the path drops to just above the level of the lake we find foxgloves, hemp agrimony and reed in abundance. There's even a couple of oak saplings amongst the more mature birch trees.

Rounding the Bend
Ahead is a very distinct curve. At this time of year the vegetation grows so abundantly it almost completely hides the lake on our right.

Further Round The Bend
Eventually, the path straightens out. The whole of the circular path was newly created this year. It is hoped that it will eventually grass over of its own accord.

Proposed Viewing Platform Site
As the path straightens out the area on the left has been cleared of the buddleia that was seen in the last photograph in my post of 26 August 2013.

View from Site
Turning in the other direction we see the view that should be available when the platform is created. We call this area of the the "The Pool". Opposite is the tip of the peninsula, which is accessible to the holiday makers that stay in the cottages. It should prove even more popular with the anglers if the lake here could kept clear of the lilies.

Start of Boggy Path
One of the concerns when planning the circular path were the remaining few yards back towards the start of the path and the bridge. The ground falls away still further and floods when the lake is high. The plan is that when the viewing platform is constructed there will also be a length of boardwalk constructed that will bridge this area.

End of Boggy Path
Ahead we see the path that we left at the beginning of the walk around the island. Also just visible is the low balustrade indicating the start of the bridge to return us to the mainland. Should I call it that?

Back Across The Bridge
Finally, on this leg of the tour, we reach the bridge and will re-cross it. It can be seen that it is in need of some work. On the far side is the Reed Bed, no longer used to treat the outfall from the drains of Ruston House and the cottages. Once we reach the other side we will turn right to go back a few yards to take the path that runs around the back of the reed bed and gives access to the "High Road", mentioned in the first part of this tour.

The "Later Post" link below will take you to the next part of this tour.