Part Seven

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You can use the Earlier Post link, above, to see the the first part of the journey around the island. Alternatively, you might prefer to start at the The Beginning of the tour.

Behind The Reed Bed
As the turn is taken to pass behind (when viewed from the house) the Reed Bed, it is easy to see this is planned to become the "Utility area" within the grounds. A slab of old plywood, taken from one of the fishing stands that have been removed, rests on the ground on which stands a small incinerator. There are also various stacks of wood here, although most are hidden by the lush undergrowth.

Behind The Reed Bed
Beyond the incinerator the path continues towards a pair of large oak trees. Over last winter, the collection of Crack Willow on the right were thinned, allowing the nettles to take advantage of the extra light.

Reedbed Outfall Pipe
Next we pass over the outfall pipe from the reed bed. Since April, when the site was connected to the new main drainage system for the village, the Reed Bed has been redundant and nothing flows through the pipe any more.

End of the High Road
We are now standing in the shade of the oak trees at the the south western corner of the site. We turn east to walk parallel with and close to our southern boundary. On the left, the reeds in the bed stand almost eight feet tall in places, but that hasn't stopped a young oak take root within the bed.

Overlooking the Neighbours Field
Climbing up the short steep slope we are on the "High Road" looking down on our neighbour's property. Over the last winter, the half dozen hazel that that grow on the slope to the boundary dyke were copiced. It can be expected that this open view will disappear again within a few years.

The Wiggle In The Path
The path wiggles between the oaks seen in the last view and as we rise again to the highest part of the High Road. The holiday cottages next door can just be made out beyond the vegetation.

The Foxgloves
The ground under the oaks, alder and birch in this area seem especially suited to foxgloves. They grow in great profusion in the drier peat soil on this higher ground. To the right was where, over the first couple of years of our occupation, all the grass cuttings from mowing the paths used to be dumped. But this year the collecting bag has not been fitted to the mower and the brambles are recovering and taking over again.

The Narrows
We are now directly behind the Arbour Seat erected in June last year. Because we are on higher ground the birch trees here appear to branch from ground level and hide the view of the house that would otherwise be seen.

The Start In Sight
Moving beyond the Arbour Seat the turn in the path can be seen where it rejoins the path we trod at the very beginning of the tour and...

The House In View
...just before we drop down to its level we get a good view of the house. From this angle the holiday cottages next door are almost completely hidden from view.

The tour is complete. We hope this has given you a good idea of how the site looked at the height of summer in 2015. There remains much work to be done to get the grounds and lake as we plan to see them.