Otters Come To Play

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Posted by RustonHouse RustonHouse
"What on earth was that", I thought as I started the video playing that the camera captured this morning at around 08:27. It could have been a small dog disappearing round the curve in the "retaining wall" at the back of our lake.

I reset the video to the beginning and set it on pause, so it looks much as you see it when uploaded to YouTube. There was definitely another creature closer to the wall.

Then I let it play again...

After five seconds not just one, but three otters appear, running over the embankment towards the water.

If you keep watching you might think there's nothing more to see, but if you keep your eye in the water in the area that they ran towards then at around 30 seconds in you see a distinct pattern of waves which show that at least one animal entered the water.

Unfortunately, there was nothing else of note in the remainder of the minute for which the camera is set to record.