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Posted by RustonHouse RustonHouse
This blog got very behind in 2015 and very few entries were posted. My new year resolution for 2016 was to keep adding the entries for 2015 as the year passed until I caught up. That plan failed miserably.

The new plan is to work through all my old photographs and randomly make back-dated posts, so it seems everything was recorded as it happened regardless of when the post was made. In 2018 a "wildlife camera" began to be used. It is moved around the site and set to take both images and video overnight. It means that some more recent posts will record some the wildlife that would otherwise be missed.

This new approach means the new posts will not appear at the top of the first page and you will need to hunt for them. The best way to ensure you miss nothing is to "subscribe". Go to the "Options" link and select "Subscribe via email". Use the link in the footer of any email to take you to the post on the blog. That will enable you to see when the observation was made.
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