More Chippings Are Laid

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Posted by RustonHouse RustonHouse
It's been Nearly A Month since I last did any work on the main path around the lake, but this morning I finally got round to improving the section behind the Ruston Bench.

The plan was to use the boards recovered from the fishing stands that the Green Team had removed to produce an edging on the side sloping down to the dyke and dig up tree roots to create a path that would be level and not have any trip hazards. You can see the the change if you work your way through Part Two of the Tour Of The Grounds photographed last July.

Path Behind The Ruston Bench

Path Behind The Ruston Bench
Doing that took all morning. After lunch it was out with the barrow to take all the chippings I needed from the stack in the front garden.

The Chippings Stack
There's still a great stack of chippings and not all were used today!

Path Behind The Ruston Bench

Path Behind The Ruston Bench
The level for the path was determined by a combination of the soil removed from the slide sloping down to the dyke beyond the edging and how much was cut from the embankment on the other side. The edging is supported with stakes cut from our assorted collection of fallen tree branches.