Log Cabin - Day One

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Posted by RustonHouse RustonHouse
At long last today was the day when the team arrived on site to erect our log cabin.

After spending a good part of the day unloading the two trucks and carting all the material 100 yards across the cottage lawns, they were able to start work on putting all the parts together on our side of the fence. There pictures were taken just after 18:50, when the sun was so low it only reached the top of the trees.

Log Cabin Erection - Day One
The wide angle of this first shot gives a misleading impression of its size. On the right of the picture, the veranda that will overlook the lake is two metres deep, while the main room is twice that. The ladders are propped up against the 1m x 1.5m space that is planned to contain the toilet.

Log Cabin Erection - Day One
The lake does not look at its best at the moment, being rather cluttered with duck weed, but the picture does show how isolated the site appears.