Foxgloves and Bees

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Posted by RustonHouse RustonHouse
There are remarkably few flowers around Ruston House that appear to have been deliberately planted and only a handful of shrubs, all conifers. Other than the digging of the lakes themselves, most of the money seems to have been spent on planting trees. There are a good number of Silver Birch, some Oak and a few Rowan trees.

The one area where we've seen flowers from the time we moved in is the bank just beyond the summer house. Back in February there were displays of Daffodil. As they died away Bluebells came into bloom and now Foxgloves have replaced them - and the bumble bees are having a field day.

Bees on Foxgloves
Walk up to the top of the embankment, beyond which is the area used to dump grass cuttings and all our other garden waste that we wish to rot down, and you will find the place swarming with them. I had to post just one picture to remind me of these few weeks while they stay in full flower.