Flying Insects and Amphibians

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Posted by RustonHouse RustonHouse

Having taken some photographs of the work being done to connect us and the neighbouring cottages to the village's new main drainage system and as it was a wonderful warm sunny day, I decided to take the long way back to the house and walked round the lake on the cottage's side, returning through the gate in the far corner of our grounds.

There in a bank of reed and nettle there were plenty of Azure Damselflies to be seen. It may seem strange to call them azure as the females have almost no blue about them at all.

Female Azure Damselfly
Clearly, they are named after the colour of the males!

Two Male Azure Damselflies
In the same area there are a couple of rape plants in full flower. Both Green Vein White Butterflies and Hoverflies seem to enjoy them.

Green Viein White Butterfly

Green Viein White Butterfly

Come lunch time and we were outside again to find a frog on the border of the lawn and decking just behind the house.

Common Frog

Common Frog
He seemed to be undecided about whether to proceed out onto the decking - perhaps put off going forward as he could see the gaps in the planks where we have taken up the ones worst affected by rot.