Christmas Is A-Coming

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Posted by RustonHouse RustonHouse
It was a good bright day and I'd been promising myself a walk around the grounds for some time. If I was going to get one in before Christmas then I felt I wouldn't get a better opportunity. So just before 13:00 I started out and couldn't resist a view of the cottages...

Rustion Reaches - The Cottages
The trouble was I couldn't find anything to get excited about on the rest of the walk. It all looked ordinary with nothing obvious changed from last time, and in spite of the splendid light in open ground, nothing shone or reflected in the same way once in the shade of the trees round the back of the lake.

The Lake on a Still Morning
When all I tend to take is pictures of the lake in full sun, like the one above, taken on Wednesday morning, this week, then you don't get an idea of quite how dark it can be amongst the trees. But still, one day before spring comes, I must do it!